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RTITB Instructor Academy

The purpose of the RTITB Instructor Academy is to train individuals as lift truck, LGV,  and yardshunter instructors so that they are equipped to deliver courses that improve safety, improve efficiency, reduce risk, and can cut costs in your business.

Download our free guide to Workplace Transport Instruction: ‘A Brief Guide to Regulations’ here.

We believe the RTITB Instructor Academy is the only centre in the UK and Ireland dedicated to forklift truck, HGV and Driver CPC instructors. Our focus on delivering high quality and effective instructor training enables us to excel at what we do, ensuring you reap the benefits of outstanding RTITB training.

All RTITB Instructor courses are objectively examined at course conclusion, ensuring that only those candidates that meet the required standard leave us with an RTITB qualification. Our courses are challenging and are designed to add real value to your business. Passing an RTITB examination is something candidates can be truly proud of.

The following courses are available through the RTITB Instructor Academy:

  • Driver CPC Instructor
  • Lift Truck Instructor
  • LGV Instructor
  • LGV Instructor: DVSA to RTITB Conversion
  • LGV Assessor
  • Yardshunter Instructor
  • Banksman Instructor
  • Industrial and Commercial Instructor (classroom instruction skills for industrial environments)
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