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Our purpose at RTITB is simple: we exist to reduce costs and save lives in  your workplace.

We are a cross-sector, global organisation that develops and applies training standards to change your driver and operator’s behaviour whilst making measurable improvements to efficiency, risk and safety in your business. We do this to help you respond proportionally to risk while still keeping your people safe.

Our vision is to create a global family of committed partners using workplace transport training standards which place efficiency, people and maximum safety at their heart.


  • Absolute Dedication – all of our services are developed and delivered by a team absolutely dedicated to the common goal of keeping every person in your transport operations alive.
  • Total Assurance – we are the only body able to provide absolute assurance for the full range of your workplace transport equipment and training
  • Challenge and Measure – we make measurable improvements and our holistic approach ensures we will deliver a start to finish tailored solution for your business and we will not give up until we have helped you achieve your goal
  • Integrity and Personality – our customers are our partners and extended family members, we will always communicate with integrity, honesty, professionalism and personality.

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